10 games added to the compatibility list of the Vita TV, including Soul Sacrifice

February 13, 2014

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’ve been hugely disappointed by the Vita TV when it came out, especially when it came to the actual Vita Games compatibility. I mean, let’s be serious, there’s 2 words in Vita TV, and somehow the Vita TV manages to be bad at both being a Vita (lack of Vita games support) or a TV (lack of basic applications such as youtube).

Sony is however putting efforts in updating their list, which is better than nothing. As of yesterday, the Vita TV supports 80 vita games, up from 73 last month. Naysayers (like me) will say that a console that only supports 17% (there are 472 Vita games according to Wikipedia) of the Vita library shouldn’t be called a Vita, but at least they’re trying.

Bitterness aside, what are the new supported games since last month? Sony doesn’t say, so we have to look for the differences ourselves.

After a quick comparison of the list from January and the one released yesterday, the new Vita supported games on the vita TV in February are:

  • Akiba’s trip 2
  • Malicious Rebirth
  • Mind=0
  • Samurai Warriors 2
  • Soul Sacrifice
  • White album 2
  • Ys Celceta
  • Slotter mania v highschool of the dead
  • Pro baseball spirits 2013 vita
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

Yeah, that’s 10 titles, I don’t know how 73 + 10 = 80… but it’s difficult to really count given that the official list sometimes mentions up to 10 variations of a same game, and it is impossible to know if those count as 1 or 10 games.


Soul Sacrifice is probably the main addition to this list, and a large majority of these new titles are specific to the Japan market. As a reminder, the Vita TV is only available in Japan and a few Asian countries. The official list of games published yesterday in English can be found on the Sony Asia website, and gives additional precisions for each game, in particular if the localized English version is supported or not.

The lists of compatible PSP and “Classic” games don’t seem to have changed since last month. They contain all time hits such as King of Pool and 101-in-1 megamix (wink, wink)

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