$1000 in PSN Codes to win in Wololo’s 2014 Giant Easter Egg Hunt. It’s already started, hurry!

March 30, 2014

Hey people, April is coming soon, and it is bringing the Easter Bunny with it. I have been thinking for a while of a nice contest to have with a cool prize in it. Homebrew contests are great (I did organize a huge homebrew contest back in 2011 with insane cash prizes) but difficult and long to organize. They also are restricted to developers.

With Easter coming soon, I had the opportunity to start a fun and simple contest that everyone can take part in: We’re going to hide easter “eggs” on the website. The Eggs will not be made of chocolate (mostly because sending chocolate through the intertubes could damage our server and reduce your internet speed), but they will contain PSN Codes.

And because I didn’t want this contest to be only fun, but also epic, we are giving away not $50, not $100, but $1000 in PSN Codes!

We will hide “Easter Eggs” in various locations and shapes on the site (and on our twitter and facebook pages), in the following sections:

There is no catch, the Easter eggs will be spread throughout the website, there is no need to register to anything and everyone can participate, simply by browsing the sections mentioned above. The trick, as in all Easter Egg Hunts, is to actually find the eggs. If you find one, snatch the PSN Code and redeem it on your Playstation account, done! What the eggs look like might vary depending on my mood, there will be easy and difficult ones.

Unlike real life eggs though, it is possible that you find eggs that have been found by someone else before you. In that case, the PSN code will of course not work a second time, so don’t get discouraged and keep looking.

If you find one of the eggs (lucky you!), use your natural bragging rights by claiming victory on our dedicated thread on /talk, or in the comments section below, or by shouting me a thank you on Twitter or on Facebook.

As part of this contest, we will also be giving away some PSN codes directly on twitter and Facebook, in a more “typical” “follow and retweet” fashion.

We will be hiding more and more eggs every day, until Easter Sunday where we will be concluding this contest with a bang.

The PSN Codes we give away are for the US PSN. I’ve explained several times how and why you should have a US PSN Account even if you don’t live in the US. And once again, I recommend it!

$1000 will be given away in this contest, between now and 4/20 (Easter Sunday) included. As you read this, we’ve already hidden 10 eggs, worth $10 each, for a total of $100. And here’s a hint: 2 eggs are hidden in this article. Can you find them? (Yes, it’s that easy, here’s a $10 US PSN Code: TB6J-5MNH-734N)

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