126 Vehicles in a Single Mod: Ultimate Funny Vehicles Menu for GTA IV

April 25, 2013

Especially if you like crazy cars and the ability to spawn them at will, you’re going to love Ultimate Funny Vehicles Menu. As the name sort of implies, this is a hack that allows for users to choose from pretty much any kind of wild vehicle that could ever pop into their head. My source link has an expandable list to show you all of the different crafts you can utilize, but let me settle your thirst by saying there is a full 126 of them to choose from. If you can’t find the ride to suit your needs with that kind of selection, I would be incredibly surprised.

Within the scope of the mod, you’ll have the option of selecting from cars, trucks, boats, bikes, aircraft, and even seven different colored neons with various objects tied to them as well. To start the vehicle spawn-fest just press R1 and left on the directional pad. There is of course a limit to the madness in that the game will eventually crash if you bring to many of these objects in at once, but you can fix this by disabling and re-enabling the menu again. It should be noted that the developer also encourages others to add to this collection by sending him your source or vehicle code. What are you waiting for? Drive like no other with this awesome mod!

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Tags: evilb, Grand Theft Auto, GTA IV, mods, PS3 Hacks

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