14 Game Changing Features Of The Next Gen Xbox

November 22, 2012

Through a story on CVG, i decided to buy a digital copy of Xbox World, they have posted a 14 page exclusive regarding what they claim will be featured in the new Xbox.

Features include:

  • Kinect 2.0
  • Blu Ray Drive
  • Quad Core CPU
  • 8GB Ram
  • Customisable Controller
  • Augmented Reality
  • Expected release date of November 2013

1. Massive Power
Xbox World states that Durango Dev kits are in the hands of developers and claim the CPU is a monster, they go on to sya that the CPU has four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores.

2. Putting The Power To Work
Xbox World quotes a statement from Naturalmotions chief technician Simon Mack, “We can simulate more things and simulate those things better.

3. Kinect 2.0
According to Xbox Gamer, Kinect 2.0 can track up to four people and can read the smallest movements of your fingers, thanks to advancements in camera technology and the additional processing power.

4. Augmented Reality
The new Xbox will see augmented reality, with a new peripheral in 2014.

5. 3D Sound
Xbox World didn’t have a lot of fact for this one, they spoke with someone who was working for a gaming company, but could not reveal anything, due to being under an NDA.

6. Blu Ray & Beyond
Xbox World states that the new Xbox “should” ship with a Blu ray drive as standard, they also point out a rumour that the slim version of the Xbox 720, would have no optical drive at all and would be a download only device.

7. DirectX 11
All rumours point to the next gen Xbox having DirectX 11.

8. A New Microsoft
This part speaks of how Microsoft should change to adapt better to publishers.

9. A New Control Pad
Apparently the Xbox 720′s new control pad is in its early beta stages, but it speaks of customisable buttons and perhaps the possibility of a touch screen.

10. Cloud Gaming
Xbox World states that Microsoft has listed Onlive as an acquisition target, so that would go well with the rumour in number #6.

11. Live 3.0
This bit just speaks of a new improved Xbox Live.

12. Total Multimedia
This bit discusses how the new gen Xbox, may be even more of a media hub than the 360.

13. The User Interface.
Perhaps we will see a Windows 8 type interface.

14. Always On Gaming
This part speaks of how Microsoft think their nex console should be an always on console.

If you want to buy the article yourself, you can grab the Digital version of Xbox World from here:
IOS Version
Android/Windows Version

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