173210′s upcoming VHBL release for Vita 2.61, and compatibility list

September 23, 2013

Japanese developer 173210 has been hard at work debugging and improving the compatibility of his VHBL port. He contacted me recently with a compatibility list and good news for us: his VHBL port for the PS Vita 2.61 will be released soon.

For those who don’t know it yet, or who found this website looking for a Vita 2.61 hack, VHBL is a homebrew loader for the PS Vita, running inside the PSP emulator of the console. VHBL runs through exploits in official games, and we reveal the name of exploited games on a regular basis (12 exploits announced over the past 18 months!). Although it is limited to the functionality of the PSP emulator on the Vita, VHBL runs a nice selection of homebrews, including emulators for popular consoles such as the Gameboy Advance, Neogeo consoles, or the Super NES. More details on VHBL.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been confirmed to me that the game used for his exploit is only available in the Japanese store.  This means you will need a Japanese account on your Vita to get this exploit. There exist other exploits in games available in the European and US stores too, but no release date has been announced for these yet.

Below is a compatibility list, as shared by 173210. I haven’t tested this VHBL port myself yet.


Not Working

  • PSPixel v2.0
  • Little GP Tracker (?)
  • PSPPDA (?)
  • PSP Claw Explorer
  • PSpaint v4
  • Med PSP
  • Gaming Tool v0.3
  • iDaft
  • yMenu (?)
  • Unoficcial CPS1PSP Mod Rev.4
  • Unoficcial CPS2PSP Mod Rev.4
  • Unoficcial MVSPSP Mod Rev.4
  • Unoficcial NCDZPSP Mod Rev.4
  • gpSP-J
  • Snes9xTYLcm 0.4.2 Mod
  • DaedalusX64

Keep in mind that compatibility can improve with further revisions, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect with this hack.

The release will happen as usual, through a “ninja release”. The concept is detailed here.

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