2.0 OFW update live now, not forced but blocks ALL exploits and Open CMA

November 20, 2012

The 2.0 official firmware update for the PlayStation Vita is now out, earlier than previously noted.

If you live in the US (reports say some areas of EU and Mexico can update now too) you can now update to the new 2.0 Vita Official firmware via the settings. As this is typed it is not a forced update, so those who are on lower firmwares can still access PSN. Of course this can change at any given time, all Sony has to do is flip the switch. Could Sony have had a change of heart? Most likely not, but its best that you go download what you want off of PSN in case lower firmwares get shut out and it becomes a forced firmware update. The update comes out in waves, so the rest of you in other regions or territories should receive the update soon.

Along with the firmware update, as expected all exploits are patched and do not work. That includes the recent Urbanix, Mad Blocker and Gravity Crash exploits. I am currently doing an investigation to see if only the exploits released so far are patched or if Sony implemented a bigger update that would block all future exploits as well. There is a possibility that this may be the case, but we can not be positive yet. It does look however to be patched once again, through the Vita’s OS instead of the PSPemu, a tactic we saw with the Monster Hunter exploit on the 1.81 update. Sadly as I predicted too, Open CMA does not work anymore on the new firmware update. Sony has patched Open CMA but to what extant is unknown right now until further investigation. Hopefully Open CMA can at least be salvaged.

Along with the update other users are confiming that the update also is causing some technical glitches with their Vita. One specific user is unable to unlock his Vita even after rebooting multiple times. OFW could be unstable so that is something to keep in mind when considering to update. Again Open CMA and all exploits are patched on the new update. Please stay tuned for more developments on this and hopefully an update for Open CMA.

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