22 PSN Avatars From Lucifer

December 22, 2012

A nifty little PSN Avatar mod has come up thanks to Lucifer over at PS3GameRoom and his release of a 22 Avatar pack for your PS3. This is more of a going away present for the community as Lucifer has stated in his release note that Sony has managed to catch up with him and he will not be doing any more development with the PS3. We can all agree that any developer who leaves the scene will be missed but leaving under these circumstances is definitely more unfortunate and damaging to the community. Lucifer you will be missed.


hey to all

if you don’t know me tell now my name is lucifer

i made eboot fix and lots of hack for ps3

but the day has come that sony had finely got me  am so sorry that i well not do any more hacking but before i go down ill give you all one last gift 22 psn avatar

how to have them do like i say

1- have an American account ( UK wont work )

2- go to multiman open the os

3- go to dev_hdd0

4- in side dev_hdd0 got to home dev_hdd0/home

5- inside it put he folder psn_avatar

6- go to your exdata folder located in the same place and copy all the folder from the folder you just downloaded

7- go to your profile enjoy your avatar

if u have any more Q just tell me

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