300,000 Members :D

April 12, 2014

Well it appears we have went past the 300,000 member mark, there was less than 8000 people when i joined and around 100,000 a month before PS Jailbreak was released, then it all kicked off and we gained a huge amount of members, i started to slow down quite a lot around a year and a half after PS Jailbreak.

So a thank you to all the members who have joined, than you to all the members who have contributed to the forum and those who still do, than you to all the developers who have released their applications on the forum, thank you to all those that have given tips and “leaks” via PM

And a personal thank you to all the trolls, who made me determined to continue on providing to the forum.

Perhaps we will get up to 600,000 when the PS4 is hacked :)

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