3k3y Gearing Up For Release

February 3, 2013

If you’ve been following the development of the PS3 scene, more so what’s going on with the optical disc drive emulators (ODDEs) that are being pushed out, you would know that the 3k3y team is almost ready to push out the Phat version of theirs. With the official website, support forums and related tools up, there’s only one more thing to look forward to, which is the actual release. According to the China based LegendSky reseller, the 3k3y for Phat consoles will be released on February 6th and will retail for $129. The feature list retains the same features that are listed on the official website and were posted in the past.

An eye catcher reading through the list is that the 3k3y will work on any firmware, whether official or custom. However, as part of the installation process, the PS3 must be on firmware 3.55 so that the drive key can be extracted. The team has mentioned that they are working on drive extraction methods for those who are on a 4.xx firmware. With the 3k3y releasing first, a lot will be falling on their shoulders, as they will be setting the bar for the Cobra ODE an other ODDEs that follow.

If you’re looking to pick up the 3k3y, you can grab one from LegendSky or keep checking out the official 3k3y website to see when any new and closer resellers are added to the list.

Buy It: 3k3y @ LegendSky

3k3y Official Website

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