3K3Y Is real?: Sonny and his 2 resellers.

October 19, 2012

[WARNING] = This is something i wrote and NO it’s not NEWS, don’t like it IGNORE IT.

One video, one thread and many questions arises about this device that will enter into the market or so to speak get released on 12-12-12 (Mayan calendar = End of the world).
Lurking around the internet i found what so many probably found, those curious enough to try to convince themselves that 3K3Y, AKA = 3KEY is real.

This device with that enigmatic video has already two resellers, one in Australia another one in China (why im not surprised..).

Smoke and mirrors?:

We know as the BIG banner on the top left of HAX says highest hackeable firmware = 3.55 but according to some statements from 3k3y in order to use their device we need:

  • Compatible console: Means that 3.55 is imperative still on this one.
  • Currently firmware 3.55 is required for extracting the drive key: Same ol’ story as always.
  • Once the key has been extracted the PS3 can be updated to any official or custom firmware: No comments.
  • We are working on hardware methods for extracting keys from PS3′s already on 4.x firmware

They say that they are working on *hardware* methods to extract keys on PS3′s on 4.x. It’s the famous catchphrase, perfect alibi to *hype* or lure possible future buyers.
Anyone who is on a SCENE board knows that 4.x keys are far from getting leaked or we are close to a solution. Another thing that catched my attention on this particular phrase was:

PS3′s already on 4.x firmware: Which means that 3K as 4K is still a big interrogation sign. They don’t specify which PS3′s on 4.x just mentioned 4.x. generating more doubts that end in debates that real info or proof on this.


Burnett Sonny:

Is the *name* of the one who registered 3KEY domain. Funny tough that if you remove an S from Sonny you get the obvious = Sony…Burnett, Sony. Don’t know if it’s real or not at this stances no one cares about it but a simple detail to remember.


Legendsky China reseller:

Already have some news about them and appears some date, apparently they were contacted by 3K3Y team and updated on October 18th about the device being released *soon*.


Final words and 3.55 LIMBO (not game):

The only thing we can do until 12-12-12 is wait from official sitrep from them or just keep speculating about how they will get the keys from 4.x consoles with *hardware methods*. We as USERS grow tired of lies and empty promises and honestly being STUCK in 3.55 as our highest hackeable firmware is getting OLD very old.
Many promises in the past some way to bypass 4.x barrier but no one wanted to take the risk or was interested in doing something about it. Yeah at this point you will say why you don’t do something about it?.
I can’t it’s something that’s beyond my *reach*.

If E3 is involved on this at this rate i don’t care, i really care so to speak to see another gap where some people with *power* can do the hell they want with some device like this (if it’s real) and abuse from markerting whores users that will spend many bucks for something that still works on 3.55.
They know 3K3Y that stating only that their device only works on 3.55 and they don’t add some message with hope for 4.x users 40% of the user will lost interest in their product.

Thinking out of the box for a minute, i think this can be real. Like i said when i saw this news posted this can be a similar scenario like when MATRIX CHIP was released on PS2.
But with being realistic and watching closely what happened with red power among other situations, i can connect the dots even with that useless piece of DRM trash = (Non-existant).

Like always someone said when words aren’t enough = Only time will tell. 12-12-12



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