3K3y Releasing A new Hack Solution on 12-12-12

October 14, 2012

In the days of Custom Firmware, adding an additional piece of hardware to your system is kind of an archaic idea. Still, the team over at 3K3y is offering gamers a pretty compelling option for those that are willing to open up their consoles to add a small additional part. With a feature set like this, you’re going to want to sit down. After a quick solder-free installation, you’ll be able to play any PS3, PS2 or PSOne backup from any USB powered device including a well-sized flash drive or an external hard drive.

The chip also comes with an integrated game ripper that supposedly has a simple to use interface. No CFW is required on your system for this operation to occur and as long as Sony doesn’t take any additional steps to block the usage of this key, you’ll be able to upgrade to any OFW as freely as you would like. The only real caveat to this system is that you need to have a friend with 3.55 CFW to get the initial key for operation.

So you might be interested to  know how this little game backup wonder works. Essentially it is a Bluray drive emulator that’s installed between the drive and the motherboard. After the quick little hardware operation, the team says that this can work as a perfect “jukebox” type solution for the most hardcore gamers and parents who don’t want their children to mess around with their game discs. What systems will have problems running it? Obviously the newly released “super slim” model is bound to have it’s problems, but also any PS3 that has come pre-loaded with a 4.xx firmware. The team is working to widen that scope as time passes, but for right now this is a pretty full featured solution. Does this game jukebox idea sound good to you? You might want to pair it with your CFW on 12-12-12.


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