3K3Y Ripper (PC Software) Hacked Source Code Recovered By Abkarino

January 31, 2013

Hello every body!

This is me Abkarino (Console Admin from DVD4Arab forum), This is a quick and dirty release for 3K3Y Ripper application including the full recovered source code.
So you can build/modify your own version.

All you will need is:
.Net Framework Runtime v4.0

Message to 3K3Y Team:
Do not stole glevand’s work again :P
Also do not forget to protect you applications using a good .Net protector like .Net Reactor to prevent me or any body else from recovering your codes :P

Special Thanks To:
Glevand, Graf, Zadow28, Flatz, DVD4Arab Forum, PS3Hax Forum, PS3Crunch Forum, And sure our lovely team 3K3Y for releasing this app :P
And any body else i may forget (Please forgive me) 

Release (Binary + Source Code):

Password for release:

Hope that will help someone to do something useful in the feature 

Abkarino (Mohammed Hassan)

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