3k3y Ripper Source Code Dumped Already

February 3, 2013

There are a number of things within the PS3 scene that get poked at, reverse engineered, dumped or hacked in some way, shape or form. The latest of the happenings involves the 3k3y Ripper software, which was released to the public recently.

The 3k3y Ripper software allows you to rip and decrypt ISOs and re-encrypt them for use with the 3k3y. Unfortunately, this proved to be a bad start for the team as the dumping of the source code reveals that it uses the work of another PS3 developer, glevand, without giving any proper credit. I’m not going to get into discussing this as it’s another issue by itself.

With the source code now dumped, other developers can implement the ripping feature into their own tools. (Hopefully giving credit where it’s due) If you want to take a peek at the source code for yourself, you can download it below.

Download: 3k3y Ripper + Source Code (password: Abkarino)

Source: PS3Hax

Tags: 3k3y, 3k3y ripper, 3key, glevand, odde, optical disc drive emulator, PlayStation 3, PS3

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