3K3Y the silent king of ODDE’s: Details inside plus Web interface.

July 31, 2013

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You may hate ODDE’s but 3K3Y found a way where others “failed”.
It’s a battle, it’s war, it’s not clean.

You also may hate this messanger but you already know me.  A review from @harryoke will be up soon, 3k3y sent him a superslim device kit.

Cobra and E3 probably can rest in peace and fight between each other which one will forfeit first.
If Sony launches an update Cobra will be useless in less than a week.
Meanwhile 3K3Y will still stand like a silent king, not saying much, not explaining much. Just delivering in near future to those end-users interested enough in this device what they wanted all along.

3K3Y: The Artificer words

.AES encryption in HW to allow playback of unencrypted ISOs.
.Superslim adapters are in mass production.
.Boot decrypted ISOs.
.698 IRD files for 672 game. (around 10 games a day)
.App for android/ipod/ipad working = https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xk3y.dongle.android (you will need to use 01.99B6A firmware). You can choose to use the Web app or just your Ip and magic happens. See Web interface.

Today report:
.Superslim production devices = Done.
.Passthru & emulation are working. Final test was update = Done and working.

So what now?:

3K3Y mean business. They managed to release a product that actually works and will continue to work in CFW even if you get banned plus homebrew enabled and many of those promises that others failed to comply.
I won’t enter into some random “moral” contest on what is wrong or what is right.
What matters here that you have something that actually is not some stupid HTML static webpage telling you to preorder something that it’s not “there” or just a ghost like E3.

Final words:

This information which is not 100% organized, will probably lead to many questions. It’s up to the demand of the product and a possitive feedback with people that actually work with this device.
Also it’s up to end-user to pick what to believe or not.
You can chase rainbows with Cobra statements or just waiting an E3 resurrection.

Last but not less important is the Web interface that you can use with any of your devices. Android/Ipod/Ipad/etc You can control all from there.

Web Interface: Some pics.

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Click for full size

Thanks to @bubba for the information (main source) and Scrano for the pics. More to come.

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