4.3x Custom Firmware Inbound From Cobra

November 14, 2012

Team Cobra has come out of the dark to announce that they have a 4.3x+ custom firmware in the works for those still hanging onto and using their Cobra USB dongles. The team states that users will be able to enjoy the same features bought in by the dongle as well as those introduced over time between the 3.55 and whichever 4.3x firmware they decide to use as a base for their custom firmware release as well as the ability to enjoy the latest games. This is all that the team has announced on their homepage at the moment. No release date has been announced either.

It’s interesting to see that Team Cobra is still trying to have a presence within the scene although they have been beaten to the punch in terms of 4.30 custom firmwares, let alone 4.xx custom firmwares. What Team Cobra will be bringing to the table, to make users upgrade and continue using their dongles will be seen in due time, if they do bring anything.

Source: Cobra USB via PS3Hax

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