4.40 CFW By MiralaTijera Updated with QA Flag

March 27, 2013

Just a few days after his major release, Spanish scene developer MiralaTijera has released an update to his CFW 4.40. This updates the core of his CFW 4.40 with QA Flag integration to version 3.1.0. Check his quote/changelog below that has been roughly translated by Google:


Update 1: 3.1.0 Core 4.40 CFW MLT

  • BDEmu without controller running 4.40 (bdemu flag)
  • Beta alternative kernel load (flag anotherlv2) (ay to manually copy the kernel to load in / dev_rewrite/lv2ker.self, the console will reboot and when you turn off the usb we extract and load (beta)
  • ReActPSN functioning, unsigned rif and erasure prevention act.dat

Installation: put the package files in root of a pen drive and plug it into the usb right around the console and on, will be installed and if the led from now you is solid yellow is that everything worked properly, also will have in the log before usb etc as before.

 There you have it.  Thanks to MiralaTijera for keeping the updates coming.  Its been an exciting week in the PS3 scene and we are looking forward to more great releases.

Download: core 3.1.0.rar

Tags: CFW, homebrew, miralatijera, PS3 Hacks, qa flag

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