6 Crazy PS Vita Hardware Modifications

September 7, 2013

Today marks the 90th week  anniversary of the PS Vita platform, and while we play on towards the system’s second birthday gamers can look forward to a steadily increasing game library and the much touted PS4 Remote Play feature.  With Sony debunking rumors of having a Vita redesign in the works, now would be a perfect time to take a look at the most creative hardware modifications found around the web.

Let me be the first to point out that any modifications made to your hardware might and probably will void the warranty on your Sony product. Click on the pictures to take you directly to the source.


While not truly a Vita mod, I wouldn’t dare to withhold this information. If only the “inventor” had found a way to make the portable’s native triggers spring loaded.

This showcases the determination of a Vita gamer :

To make the Trigger Grip accessory as comfortable as he can.


Fightstick for PS  Vita

Serial modder Imaginlabo is no stranger to hardware mods. His YouTube channel is littered with machinery doing things they weren’t supposed to do. He even combined the Vita with an Arcade Fight Stick.


For me hardware mods are synonym with LED’s placed in and around your device. The video below shows a Vita modified to shine pretty lights through the triggers. The LED’s are sound activated which according to the uploader might benefit you in games.


We all know the Vita is a powerful machine but sometimes the capabilities of the battery leave us wanting more. During long commutes with intense play sessions you just might have to deal with a drained battery. Luckily mods four and five both address this issue.

Sony themselves introduced an external battery pack which you can use to feed your Vita with some extras juice. But because the Vita doesn’t natively supports charging through USB, unofficial external battery packs won’t work. The following mod allows your Vita to charge its battery while USB connected.


This guy “simply” replaced the original internal battery for one that supports longer “play-time”


The current holy grail of Vita hardware modifications must be much talked about Video Out feature. While this modification isn’t perfect in terms of performance /usability numerous gamers use this method capture their Vita play sessions

picture from Eurogamer.net

What hardware modification would you like to see for the Vita? As always voice your opinions in the comment section below.

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