8 Billion Sale Of Blizzard!

September 8, 2012

A French based media company that goes by the name of Vivendi are attempting to find a buyer for their majority stake in Activision’s Blizzard estimated to be worth 8 billion Euros.

According to several sources Vivendi has ruled out a straight break away from the company and has publically admitted that a sale of Activision Blizzard is still “under consideration”. The reason for the sale is due to Vivendi’s crippling debt that has amounted to a staggering 14 billion Euros, which has reached a point beyond repair for the French media company.

Vivendi has suggested that the sale of Blizzard will directly resolve their debt issues, however the price tag of the company has been a stumbling block for many proposed deals to sell the company as the price is just too high. The future of the company is still unknown at this time, it seems apparent that a sale of Activision Blizzard is imminent though.

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