A brand-new Reftool Update Crypto…CP Update Crypt 1.0

February 27, 2013

The CP Update Crypto can decrypt and encrypt “Communication Processor Updates” for the PS3. Some of you might find this useful, or not :P

This new release has some features other than just crypting too…You can also install modified updates on your reftool’s CP, but it comes with danger! It may harm your device, so beware with what you’re doing. So use at your own risk. Furthermore, the file that you encrypt or decrypt are in a .tgz format. This is only the first version (Version 1.0) so it doesn’t have that much. Perhaps we will see more in the future.

So if you need to decrypt/encrypt a Reftool_cp_XXX.bin file, or also known as a CP Update, then I think CP Update Crypt is useful for you. If you don’t know what your doing with it, I advise you to don’t use it because it is harmful if you install modified updates to your Reftool_cp_XXX.bin


  • decrypts/encrypts** CP Updates (aka reftool_cp_XXX.bin)
  • decrypted file is in **.tgz** format
  • you can install modified updates on your reftool’s cp (on your own risk)

Source: http://gitorious.ps3dev.net/cp-update-crypt

Tags: cp update crypt 1.0

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