A Cheat That’s All The RAGE

May 29, 2012

Not that long ago I posted about BahumatLord’s Call of Juarez debug mode, well now he’s back with another way to cheat the system. This time around BahumatLord is back with a cheat system for RAGE.  What will you get out of this hack? All the good stuff of course like 999 all ammo, 9999 cash, no clipping, and GOD mode of course. As I’m sure you’ve noticed Debug mode’s and cheats have been all the rage lately with cheats for GTA, Skyrim and Call of Juarez but how many of you are actually playing these games and using these cheats at hs point? Well if you are be sure to have a read of the developers notes below, install and become an in game GOD.

Some of you are probably aware of this cheat mod, but every link is dead everywhere so I’m uploading it so it’s not lost again. I couldn’t find the original files, so I had to do it by hand so the key presses and config is probably different than what you remember. I used the PS3_2.cfg so you’ll have to set your controller to the second configuration in game to use it. Then you can set it back to the normal config so you can play without any problems.

I’ve included a backup of the original file too in case you need to replace it. Installation is simple as always – just copy PS3_GAME into your backup folder. You need to set your controls to the second set and then enter the following in-game to activate

Directional Pad UP – God Mode
Directional Pad Left – Give 999 All Ammo (Can be used multiple times)
Directional Pad Right – Give 9999 Cash (Can be used multiple times)
Directional Pad Down – No Clipping Mode (walk through walls – may break the game – use at your own risk)
Triangle – No Targeting (Enemies don’t see you – Doesn’t break story events)
L2 – Enhanced Jumping
R2 – Super Enhanced Jumping
L1 – Enhanced Running Speed
R1 – Super Enhanced Running Speed

What’s interesting to me is how you can bind console commands to various buttons. For those that don’t know, the console comes up on PC games when you hit the tilde (~) key. Console commands are usually pretty generic and can be used on a vast number of games. So, take a look around your game backups and try to find the controller config files and we’ll see what we can come up with. It’s a safe bet that I have most of the games that you guys do so we can work together and get a lot more opened up for us. You guys know where to find me if you think you’ve found something

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