A Cool Little Thing Called Sugru. My Experience.

April 19, 2013

Now, before you click to read, believe it or not this isn’t and never was a kickstarter project. I recently came across something called Sugru, It’s a special compound silicone that……. nevermind. It’s blu-tac that dries :)

Now although it comes in reasonable small packs of 5 grams, you don’t realise how far it goes. For the pic above, I only used less than half a pack.

Below are a few of applications of what I’ve done with Sugru. There’s so many you don’t even realise. Oh, and above, that’s something I did as well, pretty awesome!

Sugru is my new best bud. I love how much you can do with it, I am always thinking of new ways for things to do with it. If you fancy looking at a few more applications it can be used for, look here

At face value, it doesn’t seem like you get much, but like I said it goes pretty far, using one sachet I was able to add the triggers to my PlayStation controller, little bits on the bottom of my PS3 so it has more grip, stick the volume controller to the desk and also make a little bump so my games don’t fall (only the blue one)

God of War, such an excellent game.

I am thinking of modding my controller a little bit more by putting a little ring on my analogue sticks, a little bit like the PS4 has, but I only have 2 colours left, yellow and white. Which one should I use?

On the topic of controller modding, I won’t be go overboard unlike this guy here.

Here’s some pictures of what I have used Sugru with.

Fixing my headset voice/volume controller to the desk.

Bumpers for my sisters tablet. It probably isn’t enough but still, she’s happy.

Fixing my light switch to the wall

If you put it at the bottom of your mug/anything ceramic it makes it a lot quieter, being as rubber/ silicone is touching the surface rather than a hard object.

At the same time as buying the Sugru, I also bought some small circular lego pieces, I applied a bit of Sugru to them, one of the side of my bed, and another to a cable so now my cables hang from my bedside rather than me fumbling around on the floor trying to find them :)

The next pack I open will be white, being as my Ipod charging/ syncing cable (Yes I have an Idevice, sorry) it’s atrocious. When I fix it I’ll post a picture of before and after at the bottom of one of my blog posts :)

It is water proof, temperature proof, and pretty much everything proof, so no need to worry about putting it in the dishy washy.

Laptop stands, comfier earphone plugs, mobile phone dock, headphone stand, remote holder. The possibilities are endless!

No blog post from me is complete without a video! So here it is :)

Their official website is here

If you haven’t realised, I’m not the best at moulding.

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