A day with Playstation: Video footage. “Eyes only”.

September 10, 2013

Sony uploaded this video showing PS4/Vita Slim/PS Vita TV in action. How actually works?. Well i took my time and done some “video teardown” to actually explain this with humor. Just to try to understand a little more what’s all about.

The video starts with this guy: Let’s call him “Vapour“.

Vapour starts to play some game which i don’t know the name and suddenly press the SHARE button in PS4 controller to call his buddy.

This buddy, that i will call “Hellsing9” recieves an status update over his cellphone with a smile in his face because he knows that’s better than Vapour and TizzyT.

Hellsing9 goes to the living room just to power on his PS4.

(Note: I don’t know if that light got added while editing process over the controller. Which switchs to blue later on the video)

A nice look of “my” PS4. (Damn i love this so much). Take a good look in the video that “blue light” also is over that line on the top of the console.

When Vapour start to lose and we had enough of the game. (he is kind a sore loser) pushes again the SHARE button over the controller.

See?. Well he is actually sharing our gameplay with another person. Some girl…

The screen shows Vapour and me playing that game to this girl. I will call her “Sakura-Chan“. After a while, she notices that he has PARAM.sfo classes today. So “she” grabs PS Vita Slim and there she goes.

First look of PS vita slim.

Fits perfectly on your bag/backpack.

While Sakura-Chan is in school. She connects remotely to her PS4. (Only in Japan..Broaband issues incoming on this side of the road).

Once connected she starts playing that game she couldn’t finish.

Then suddenly a guy that has a school band, called “The rasputins“ approaches Sakura-Chan just to say “Bye“.

Here we find out that the members of the band have a female drummer and they love to play on their  PS vita slims.


First look of PS Vita TV.

Tizzyt and his homie were playing some Tekken until the girls showed up and wanted to watch the Spiderman movie (not the Sam Raimi, one).


Then someone grabs a projector to the final showdown in the night. We will see some a scene where a guy connects the PS4 to that projector to play Killzone: Shadowfall.

Also we see how all is connected and they are actually seeing in real time that Match.

Meanwhile whole “Campus” cries in pain for the blue-team over PS4 social network because they suck so much playing that game.

Finally to show this:

Jokes aside for a moment. This short is awesome, they show you actually how things work (or should work). Now we have a better view of PS4 and probably some speculation about all this works.

There’s some strange message at almost the end of the video that shows the following on the cellphone: 2014/7/7 


Some more stills:

Hellsing9 and Tizzyt, laughing at Vapour failure in that dragons slasher type game.


High-Res Pics

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