A Different Kind Of Un-Boxing, See The Insides Of The PS4.

November 8, 2013

A new video has come to light of the PS4 being not only unboxed, but fully taken apart. Yep, and it’s pretty impressive!

So the video is in japanese, as you”d expect, but the editor was kind enough to put subtitles in. The dismantling is done by Sony engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori. Unfortunately the video wasn’t playing nice and wouldn’t let me embed it, so here’s a link to it instead:

Here’s a few screenshots of the insides of the PS4, this, if you haven’t guessed is the motherboard. :)


The video finishes with all an animation of all the parts being put together, it’s pretty neat and one reddit user made a gif out of it, showing this:

I would like to know, for all of those day one purchasers out there, have you booked a day off?

Luckily, it falls on a Friday – my only day off of the week. So I’ll be up nice and early sitting at the door waiting for that DPD delivery truck, hey, I may even invite him in for a game of Killzone: Shadowfall with me. Pfft who am I kidding, no one can touch my precious!

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