A Few New Character Packs For Paintown Mugen

October 10, 2012

Over the course of two days, two different character pack options have been released that each add their own unique flair to the experience. In celebration of the recent release of Resident Evil 6, the first set to talk about is the Resident Evil pack. You might recall that a similar pack was released for Mugen in the past, but this update adds three new characters to the mix as well as four RE inspired stages to duke it out in. As far as personalities go, your fighter choices now include “CHRIS , T-103 TYRANT, JILL, RE2 LEON, NEMESIS, HUNK, WESKER AND ZOMBIE CHAOS.” That being said, there are plenty of options available for those that would like to see how their favorite zombie fighters would perform in the 2D fighting uiverse.

On top of the Resident Evil goodness, the Super Mugen Bundle was also released as well. Unlike the past one that focuses on a specific game title, this pack gives you the variety that you would expect from the Paintown experience. There are a whole bunch of characters to choose from (including all of those in the RE pack) but some of the highlights include Solid Snake, Optimus Prime, and Bartman as playable characters in this old-school fighting mashup. All it takes is to pop these folders into the right directories through MultiMAN, and you just got yourself the kind of unique gameplay that only the homebrew scene can offer. Are you ready to bring the pain?

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