A Free Tekken Game? Yes, please.

June 9, 2013

Who wants a Free Tekken Game? Hell yeah, Tekken Revolution is coming to the PlayStation 3 as an exclusive this coming Tuesday, June 11. The game was revealed earlier today by a trailer that was on Gamespot’s 2013 E3 Preview. The trailer features all the Tekken favorites; Paul, Bryan, Kazuya and Lars, but nothing else about the game is known, as only little was shown in the trailer.


Tekken lead Producer (thank God he’s okay) Katsuhiro Harada previously dismissed the Australian Classification Board for the title being listed as “Tekken Card Tournament” and has stated that there is no such game in development. That along with the fact that no user interface was shown in the Revolution footage, is enough to keep us assuming that this is a free fighting game from Namco. But it could easily be an HD Remake of an existing Tekken game, even the mobile free to play version of the game itself. Although, nothing was completely shown, so it’s all running off fumes. But hey it’s free right and E3 is just around athe corner to find out the full extent of the information that will be presented to us.

Namco Bandi have some real cool reveals expected too, with a revealing of a brand new fighting game, which we’re assuming is Tekken X Street Fighter, this is going to be an interesting one for Namco.

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