A legend returns or just a false hope? Official Dark~AleX website updated for Playstation 4!

November 29, 2013


The name Dark_Alex should ring in your ears, when you hear it. He was THE man, that made a lot of PSP CFWs (1.50 POC, 2.71 SE, 3.xx OE, 3.xx/4.01/5.00 M33, etc.), helped with the Pandora battery service mode, and released a lot of software for said pandora method. Dark~AleX should be known by most informed PSP scene people, and the fact that he updates his website for the PS4, might be an indication that he could return.

The forums of Dark~AleX were shutdown in the year 2008/2009 and he then officially vanished. His last work, found in late 2009 was a fix for his popular 5.00 M33-6 custom firmware, which fixed a minor bug in the recovery menu. The fix was released as a standalone, to prevent the release of a 5.00 M33-7, which would have been his last official PSP CFW update.

Some people spread the weirdest rumours, from him being in jail, to working for sony or even being killed by the mafia, there were a lot of rumours regarding Dark~AleX, and where he went. Most likely he just got bored and left the scene.
We just know that he was a Spanish developer, which was amazing in what he did and he made a lot of useful software, is one of the grandfathers of the PSP CFW and nearly every CFW that was coded for PSP is based on his latest work, the M33 CFW.

It was thought that DAX returns into the scene with the hacked PS3, which happened around firmware 3.21, but he remained silent. People also though he might be interested in the PS Vita, but again, silence.

The new logo of dark-alex.org

The new logo of dark-alex.org

Now with his updated website, which indicates the PS4 hacker scene, we might be able to see a return of the famous Dark~AleX. But keep in mind that some people say Alex is not connected with his website anymore, and that someone else (Alek – with a “k” – , former admin of the website) could just be the head behind the current website.

Will DAX return or will he just stay the hero of our hearts? We don’t know it, and we might never know. Better take it with a grain of salt.

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