A Little Trick To Get PSP ISO’s Running On Official Firmware

April 27, 2013

Scene member CapetLeVrai has showcased running PSP ISO’s on his official firmware PlayStation 3 console. This trick requires two PS3′s and basically what is done is you use the custom firmware console to transfer it’s data to the official console using an ethernet cable. Of course this won’t be something that many would be interested in since you will loose all you data on the official console. But nonetheless it is something different so here is some more info from the source.

I was contacted by scene member CapetLeVrai who apparently found a way to run those psp isos on a non hacked PS3 running the latest official firmware 4.41.

How It Works:

The PS3 allows you to copy data from one PS3 to another, usually when you want to transfer all your existing content in the case you bought a new PS3. This is done by connecting your two PS3s with an ethernet cable. What CapetLeVrai did, which sounds simple enough but appears to work, was to install the game on his hacked PS3, then copy the entire content of his hacked PS3 to the OFW one with the Data Transfer Utility, and the hacked iso then simply accepted to run on the OFW PS3.

Source: Wololo

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