A Look At The Recent Development On XMBPC

May 24, 2013

SvenGDK has been hard at work developing his XMBPC application for Windows. XMBPC is an application that emulates the PS3’s XMB right on your computer. It’s been a while since we posted about XMBPC but development has not slowed down. Sine the release of the 0.9 Release Candidate last month, SvenGDK has released two updates, one of which adds an Internet Browser. Here’s the changelog for those two releases:



  • Added Internet Browser (First PUBLIC TEST – not done yet but usable)
  • Other minor fixes


  • NEW: Deutsch & Français language (can be selected on the Toolbox or on a new setup)
  • NEW: XMBPC Toolkit v1 (XMBPC_Toolkit.exe):
    • Change media folders
    • Add more games
    • Install drivers (LATER)
    • Reset XMBPC

That’s not the end of the cool stuff planned for XMBPC as SvenGDDK has been working on implementing a Network section complete with a Friends list. Here’s the preliminary changelog for the next release of XMBPC:


Pretty interesting stuff. You can update to the latest version of XMBPC using the integrated update function. (Check For Updates option) If you haven’t downloaded XMBPC yet, download version 0.9 below and then perform the update.

Download: XMBPC 0.9 | PS3 Controller Drivers

Source: PS3Hax | @SvenGDK

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