A New Tool For The BwE Lineup: Here’s NOR Patcher

March 9, 2013

BwE, the BetterWayElectronics guy, has released a new tool that you may need for your NOR operations. To go along with his NOR Validator tool outed last week, BwE releases the NOR Patcher to join in on the fun. According to BwE, the NOR Patcher tool checks the CoreOS of your NOR dump and then patches 3.55/3.56. That’s pretty much about it. Alongside the NOR Validator and Downgrader Automator tools, NOR Patcher will aid you in downgrading your PS3 console to a lower firmware, provided it has a NOR flash to begin with.

If you have a need for this tool, you can download it from below. As always, take the necessary precautions when it comes to any operations involving to your PS3’s NAND/NOR images. Ensure that you have the proper backups and tools handy to restore your console, in case something goes wrong during flashing.

Download: BwE NOR Patcher

Source: BetterWayElectronics

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