A new version of 3k3y Ode on the horizon

September 30, 2013

It seems that the team 3k3y  is waiting to release a new version of their Ode, smaller, more compact and also fair to say more convenient to install.

As you can see from the picture on the well-known portal logic-sunrise.com the team has deliberately removed the big board that was soldered onto the console, replacing it with the classic QSB or Solder board recently seen on Cobra Ode and E3 Ode Pro

This version of the Slim 3k3y  (Slim 3000 ) will be available very soon, according to the team, within the next week or so.

Good news for fans of the team waiting XKEY Slim version 3k3y. Well things are progressing as the PCB for Slim has just shown the tip of his nose. This is obviously the Slim 3000 version is presented and more information should emerge soon. Article remains in pre-order LSstore while waiting for the final PCB. The team tells us that the availability for Slim 3k will be next week, and Slim in a small 2k fortnight. The Cobra is out worldwide, the 3k3y could be a suitable replacement. For the impatient future (what we can understand when you see the production rate of some teams), the replacement of a cobra by 3k3y or vice versa will be done free of charge upon request to the store.


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