A Quick Update To multiMAN – Version 04.19.01

January 28, 2013

deank is spitting out the updates to multiMAN like fire. With multiMAN 04.19.00 bringing support for single disc PS1 backups, you may have sighed a bit when you couldn’t play games such as Driver 2, Riven or Final Fantasy 7. Not to worry, the 04.19.01 release addresses just that and adds support for multidisc PS1 backups. In Addition, Showtime for multiMAN has been updated to 04.01.451, which is two versions behind the latest test build available from the official site.

As always, you can download the latest version of multiMAN by using the integrated updater or by downloading the update package file below. If you have version 04.17.05 or earlier installed, you will need to update to version 04.18.00 first before installing the 04.19.01 update. If you are 04.18.00 or a later version, then you can update using whichever means that you prefer.

multiMAN 04.19.01 | multiMAN 04.18.00
Showtime 04.01.451 for mM [CEX | DEX]

Source: PS3Crunch

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