A Reason To Upgrade Your PS3

December 5, 2012

Metal Gear: Revengeance is still in the works, with the game being repeatedly delayed and renamed since its initial announcement.  If with all the constant problems you are being deterred from buying this game, perhaps this console design will change your mind.

While this isn’t really one of the best reasons to upgrade your PS3, the visual aspect is more than attractive.  Metal Gear: Revengeance has received a design for their own custom made PS3 “Super Slim” console.  The image used for this articles header is the console in question, which is unfortunately  only going to be released in Japan.

Considering I want a PS3 on 3.55 and 4.30 CFW, as well as an OFW PS3, I think this may be an imported upgrade for me.  I can’t get over the design, and will definitely be trying to get this in for myself.  What is your opinion on the design?

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