A UFO Has Landed

September 17, 2012

If you feel the need to hop into a UFO and get some awesome racing on, this is a game for you. UFO Racer gets an update today by homebrew developer ThatOtherDev, also known as ThatOtherPerson.

One of the major changes will affect game play. What he has done is removed the analog sticks, used to control the UFO, and included the Sixaxis motion control. I’m sure this will test your skills. Other minor changes include a bug fix regarding the track editor.


To Quote:

In this small update I’ve fixed a problem with track saving and replaced the analog stick controls with Sixaxis motion controls. Now you use the X button to accelerate, the circle button to go in reverse and you just tilt the controller to turn.

If you don’t know this developer to well, check out his website linked below. He has many cross platform games available.

Official Website

Download: UFO Racer 3.4

Source: psx-scene

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