A Very Busy Day – Rogero 4.30 Release + New versions of MultiMAN, PS Tools and Yet Another Bypass released.

October 29, 2012

It feels like the dev’s have decided to just smother us in new versions of their goodness today. In my last post I mentioned the E3 4.30 CFW, and in just mere hours there has been a new version of Rogero updated to 4.30, PS Tools, Yet another bypass (allowing PSN access) and a personal favorite;

Closely following the release of E3′s 4.30 CFW, Rogero has released his own. This seems to be a port of his 4.21 CFW to 4.30. This, like the last is a CEX CFW, so again, be sure to dehash your console.

Details on Rogero CEX 4.30 v1.00 CFW:

  • XMB Icons issues from in-game PS Button now fixed. You must use the patch included in the download (PS3~dev_blind.zip)
  • PSN is fully functional assuming that the passphrase isn’t changed by sony.
  • Loading games from App_home icon fixed.
  • Runs games signed with Keys up to 4.30 without Eboot/Sprx patching.
  • Games can be run from the disc icon (with the game placed in the BD) and from app_home (does not require a disc, however not all games are compatible)
  • Compatibility issues with the PS3 models fixed.
  • 3.55 homebrew apps cannot be loaded. Must be patched to 4.21!
Some things to be aware of: 
  • This CFW does not have LV1 checks disabled. You must dehash your console if it has been converted to DEX.
  • The QA flag (direct link) must be always enabled on your PS3 to reduce risks.
  • Always use Recovery Menu while installing to reduce risks. 
  • Do not have a disc in the PS3 while updating.
  • Requires 3.55 to install.

Download link Here.

Note: This includes MultiMAN v04.08.01 and Showtime v04.01.208

Deank has released an update of MultiMAN to v04.08.01 (included in Rogero’s 4.30 CFW Download above). This includes 6 new language files, 4.30 CFW support, Support for Standard and Hermes payloads (4.30CFW) and finally Support for BD-Mirror (external USB HDD) for use in 4.30.

Download Here.

Yet Another Bypass by cotojestwtf is a homebrew that most of you are probably already aware of (and most likely love). It allows access to PSN on CFW consoles; the latest revision allowing us access on 4.21 and 4.25 (No 4.30 love yet!). For those of us who do not know how to use this, I’ll write a little tutorial here (You will need a computer for this):

Step 1: Run the YABStart.bat

Step 2: Go to the Playstation 3 Network settings and in the Proxy tab write the IP Address of your computer using Port 27. This can be changed through the use of the port.txt file found in the config folder.

Step 3: Connect to PSN.

You can download the latest version of YAB Here.

SvenGDK has also released a new version of PS Multi Tools (V6) today. This brings a lot of new features to work with 4.21-4.30 consoles.

PS2 Multi Tools

  • Fixed copying PS2 Games to HDD (now works perfectly).

PS3 Multi Tools

New Firmware support: 

    • Rogero 4.21 CFW (v1.09)
    • 4.25 DEX OFW
    • E3 4.30 CFW

 – Keys for encrypting/decrypting and cracking are included.

 – E3 Tutorials, updates and tools are also included. 

New Homebrew Apps: 

        • reActPSN (FW 4.21)
        • dev_blind (FW 4.21)
        • Comgenie Awesome Filemanager (FW 4.21)
        • Custom ps3usercheat (v2.3) plus cheatlist.dat (v6.1) 
        • Minimal Downgradable FW Checker 
        • blackb0x FTW v1.2 (FW 4.21)

New Windows Features

        • PSN Download Manager
        • SixAxis for Windows
        • Split4G

Other Features and Fixes.

        • All Games will appear when opening a Games folder.
        • MultiMAN 04.08.00 available for PS Multi Tools v4+

You can download this here.

Note: This works on Windows and OSX 

A lot has been going on in PS3 land since the release of the LV0 keys. I’m highly looking forward to seeing how the scene progresses in the near future.

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