Ac1DMoDz Pimps PS3Tools GUI

August 15, 2012

After the release of PS3Tools GUI 3.3, developer PsDev bowed out from developing his multifunctional application further. It did’nt take long for Ac1DMoDz to jump in and start releasing updates to the ever popular application. So far he has introduced som graphical changes, added SFO editer and PKG viewer.

Some of his improvements were to add a SFO Editor under the SFO Tools category. He also added a Package Viewer to the tools along with a new category named Package Tools. The Core_os HexDump was removed because this feature was disabled in version 3.3 any ways. And along with all of them improvements he added very nice looking theme!

I just wanted to release this version of PS3Tools pretty fast because I did not include any new tools in 3.5 so enjoy!

PS3Tools 3.5 GUI Edition is finally here! Ac1DMoDz has released a new sleek version of PS3Tools GUI Edition. This update includes a new layout and design. He plans on adding more tools and a theme in version 3.6.

Thanks to PsDev, Snowydew, Geohot, Fail0verFlow and everyone else who made this possible.

Download: PS3Tools 3.6

Source: psx-scene

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