Ac1DMoDz Updates PS3Tools GUI

November 23, 2012

It’s been a while since Ac1DMoDz has updated his PS3Tools GUI application after taking it over from PSDev. At the top of the week, he has released version 4.0, which features changes to the GUI and changes to the support of some tools such as the HDD Tools and TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner. With all of these changes, the purpose of PS3Tools hasn’t changed. It still remains a collection of PS3 related tools that one may have to use at one point or another. With tools such as the EBOOT Resigner being added in, you can have access to everything from within one convenient package. Here’s the changelog for verison 4.0:

  • Updated Theme
  • HDD Tools Removed ( Added To Misc Tools )
  • Added Misc Tools ( Tools that dont have a specific category )
  • PKG Decrypter Bug Fixed
  • SFOedior Moved To Misc
  • TrueAncestor PKG Creator Added
  • TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner v1.5 Added

You can grab the latest update of Ac1DMoDz’s PS3Tools GUI below. Note that a newer version of the TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner was released earlier this week.

Download: PS3Tools GUI v4.0 by Ac1DMoDz

Source: PSX-Scene

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