Add Your Cheats With PS3 Cheat Editor 1.1

August 24, 2012

With the recent release of PS3usercheat comes PS3 Cheat Editor by Aldostools. This handy application for Windows allows you to add cheat codes to PS3usercheat.

First you will need the PS3usercheat PKG linked above. Download PKGView. Once running PKGView browse to the PS3usercheat PKG and select it. Then, in PKG View, browse to the USRDIR and extract the st.dat file. Back in PS3Cheat Editor browse to the st.dat file and it will load into the list view in alphabetical order. Codes can be found at CMP.


  • Read/save cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat)
  • Sort database by column (Title ID, Name, Version, number of cheats, region) (database is saved in the selected order)
  • Added option to rearrange the position of the games in the list (use Alt+Up arrow / Alt+Down arrow in the listview)
  • Exports selected games as text files
  • Imports text file (exported format) and append to current database
  • Allows to save the description in TITLE ID + NAME + VERSION (without and region)
  • It accepts the file as a command line parameter (useful to open through batch files or associate extensions)
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts

Download: PS3 Cheat Editor v1.1

Source: psx-scene

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