Aldo Makes More Quality Updates to PS3 Tools Collection v2.0.63

February 9, 2013

Putting in his second release of the month, Aldo has updated the PS3 Tools Collection. With verison, there’s a new tool called PS3 ConsoleID which allows you to display the PSID and ConsoleID from a LV1 or LV2 dump created using multiMAN or REBUG’s Toolbox. Joining the PS3 ConsoleID tool are updates to the PS3 Cheats Editior, PS3 FTP Client, Bruteforce Save Data, and PKG ContentID. Here’s a look at each:

PS3 ConsoleID 1.01

  • Added option to save the idps and PSID as binary files. Ctrl+S saves both files in a single step

PS3 FTP Client 3.0.1

  • Improved speed using persistant cached folders.

Bruteforce Save Data 2.4.2

PKG ContentID 2.0.5

  • Added Repack PKG [Set CATEGORY] to context menu for .pkg files.
  • Added RAP to Rif Key to context menu for .rap files.
    • Added support for display of ConsoleID and PSID from NORBIN and LV2 dump
    • Added support for display of ContentID for URL of .pkg  (pasted from clipboard)

You can grab yourself the entire collection containing all of the updates or each tool individually.


Download: PS3 Tools Collection | PS3 ConsoleID | PS3 Cheats Editor | PS3 FTP Client | Bruteforce Save Data | PKG ContentID


Source: aldostools

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