AldosTools 2.20 Adds Updates for PKG Resigning, Cheats, and Save Data Editing

March 18, 2013

 As has been the case these days, Aldo is back again with even more updates to PKG Content ID, Bruteforce Save Data and PS3 Cheats Editor. Whether you want to take a deeper look at some of those game packages you love, make some alterations to unlock a few more trophies, or attempt to do some crazy stuff in GTA, these are the tools you’re going to be using to get the job done. Since we just published an update yesterday, obviously the following changes are going to be on the small side, but when it comes to tools every little bit helps.

As part of PKG ContentID 2.20 you’ll now have the ability to resign all of your NPDRM files using a free license as long as you already have the dev klicensee and rap to match your content. In addition, Bruteforce Save Data has been brought to version 3.6.8 which allows you to drag and drop save files into the program while also allowing copying to the correct directories while hitting the cntrl key. Lastly, PS3 Cheats Editor 1.3 adds a preview of the selected game’s PS3_EXTRAS icons by hitting F2. These are certainly all small alterations, but  you have to admire the increased support Aldo gives to his work!

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