Aldostools Brings PS3 FTP Client Version 2.9

July 17, 2012

Ever needed to remotely remove unwanted multiMAN covers from your PlayStation 3? Thanks to developer Aldostools you can! With the added script support in PS3 FTP Client v2.9 he has released three scripts for the removal of JPG or PNG and another which removes both file formats.

In case someone want to delete the unnecesary covers from multiMAN’s covers folder in your PS3 (/dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers/) with my PS3 FTP Client 2.9 (updated to add script support)

The script could work also with the Windows’ FTP.exe using the following CMD line:


but you have to edit the script with a text editor (eg. notepad) to specify the proper IP of your PS3 console.

The script could work also as a batch (with little or any change), if it is renamed to .cmd or .bat, to delete local files

Download: PS3 FTP Client v2.9

Script Downloads: JPG&PNG Removal Script JPG Removal Script PNG Removal Script


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