Aldostools Offers us PS3 Game Updates V1.0

June 17, 2012

If you have used PS3tools  then I’m sure you know who Aldostools is, well now he has a new tool.

Aldostool’s latest offering for the PS3 mod/homebrew community is actually more of a fan build.  After seeing PS3 Game Updater  1.41 he decided it was time to make his own. Now to simply make his own would just be too easy so Aldostools went ahead and beefed it up with some of his own features to make his PS3 Game Updates stand, things like the ability to recognize if a game requires a patch higher than firmware 3.55.

I really liked the trueicecold’s PS3 Game Updater 1.41, but I wanted a couple of new features… so I made my own “PS3 Game Updates 1.0“…

-The title id field accepts many formats of title id (eg: title id with/without dash, content id, URL of pkgs, etc). Also supports search game by name.
-The title id field also accepts the path of GAMES or the IP of the PS3 (to scan multiple games).
-Show game patches 3.56+ in a different color (pink).
-Auto-detects game patches already downloaded (search in PS3_UPDATE, PS3_EXTRAS, and in the default download path) and show them in gray.
-Asks for confirmation to download patches 3.56 or higher. Required firmware version is appended to the name of the file (for 3.56+).
-Show game cover and game description even if the game does not have updates.

Source / Download / (Needed: MSVBVM50.DLL)

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