Aldostools Releases PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.44

November 7, 2012

Developer Aldostools has released an updated PS3 Tools Collection. A must have for the avid PS3 custom firmware user. Version 2.0.44 brings many additions and updates to the many applications developed by this talented programmer. What you get is an updated PARAM.SFO editor that supports drag and drop functionality,  an updated mmDM 02.04.00 for PS3 DEX users and PKG ContentID 1.8.6 for those seeking the contentID of PKG files. This is just to name a few. Lets get a wrap up of more of the recent updates below.


BruteForce/SCETool Decrypter 2.3.2
A klicensee finder using scetool (based on Asure’s brute force script) with heuristic algorithms for brute force attack. Once it finds the klicensee, the tool resign the EBOOT/SPRX/SELF with 3.55/3.40 keys. It also includes my FixELF tool.


  • Updated for klicensee detection tool by MAGIC333X (v1.3.1), updated KLICS.TXT

BdEmu Partitions Tool 01.05.05
It’s a tool to manage the size of the partitions of HDD formatted for BDEMU, used by PS3 development consoles. It allows to create up to 255 partitions (if your HDD has the capacity), rename partitions and extract BDEMU files. BDEMU partition can be resized to use only the space allocated by the slots.


  • Added option to remove all slots.
  • Replaced the file injection with ‘Resize slot to BDEMU file size’.

PS3 Cheats Editor updated
Edits the cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat). Allows export/import cheats to the database in text format.

  • This version includes a cheats database for 455 games compiled by gingerbread @ ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread.

PS3 Keys 1.5.2
It’s a tool to edit, verify and create the .ps3 keys in binary format.

Version 1.1 allows to convert scetool’s datakeys file into .ps3 keys binary format (click on the big blue icon for the menu).
Version 1.2 shows a visual alert (red cross icon) if the key is found in the Keys file, but the revision doesn’t match.
Version 1.3 adds a report of keys in HTML and ‘next’ button to find the bad keys.

PS3 Game Updates 3.0
This application download PS3 game updates and patches. The ‘error 70’ is already fixed.


  • Support concurrent queued downloads. new feature!

There are many more tools on the developers website! So take the time to visit Aldostools website linked as the source below.

Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.45


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