All PS4 Games Required To Support Remote Play

June 1, 2013

Back when the PlayStation 4 was announced, Shuhei Yoshida said he’d like all first, and third party studios to consider Vita remote play as a standard feature, for the majority of PS4 games.

Talking to Eurogamer, a PS4 developer has said that Sony is making make their game compatible with remote play, unless it uses the camera.

At the moment, Vita/PS3 remote play isn’t what most people hoped for, you’d expect to be able to play the  games, go on  the store, etc, but at the moment you can watch videos, play music, and…. delete games?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good feature, but it just hasn’t got the amount of support it wanted (well, and needed) But hopefully, this will all change if all PS4 games support remote play, apart from games that use the camera, of course. (unless you want to play Just Dance on the train into work…. and look like a tit )

Hopefully, this news will inspire people to get a PS Vita. as Wololo stated, the PSP sold more in 1 month than the PS Vita did in a year. The Vita is getting a steady release of games for it over the weeks, but not AAA games, which is what is needed. I mean, in the weekly roundup I would love to tell you all about a new Assassins Creed, Uncharted, hell, I’d even love a new Call Of Duty (NOT made by nihilistic software, who made Resistance Burning Skies and CoD)

It’s not surprising that games that use the PS4 Eye are exempt. Yeah, the Vita has its own cameras, but are they anywhere near as good as what the PS4 Eye camera will be? Along with its stereoscopic feature.

Following this report, Yoshida has replied to a tweet confirming this news, which honestly brought a smile to my face. Here it is:

The PS4 website was updated to say this, but as a feature and not mandatory for all games.

I couldn’t wait, there’s been a new ‘conversations with creators’ video, of course I’ll mention it in the weekly roundup, but here it is!

My question is, not being a tech-head, how hard is it to implement remote play in such a way?



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