All The GTAV Info Known So Far

March 5, 2013

The Official UK PlayStation magazine has compiled a list of all GTAV info known so far, here is a brief quote of each:

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The characters

Michael is the most intriguing of the three protagonists. In his early forties, he’s older than your average GTA star, and better off too, living in luxury with his family in well-to-do Rockford Hills, Los Santos’ equivalent to Beverly Hills.

His good fortune is the result of a ‘sweetheart’ deal made with the FBI years ago, but his wife’s profligate spending forces him to get back in touch with an old friend from his criminal days, Trevor.

Trevor by contrast has fallen on hard times and is now living in a trailer park out in Blaine Country, a seedy desert region based on the Salton Sea region of southern California. Trevor has a more reckless and impulsive personality than that of Michael’s, and this we’ve already seen that his headstrong ways are the source of much conflict between the main characters.

Completing the trio is a young street hustler named Franklin, who Rockstar’s Dan Houser describes as a “gang-banger in the post gang-banging world”. Aware that he’s on a fast-track to nowhere, Franklin associates himself with Michael and Trevor in the hope that they can teach him about the world of ‘real’ crime.


The entire Los Santos region is unlocked from the beginning and outside of missions the player can cycle freely between the three playable characters via a radial menu – in effect allowing you to warp from one side of the map to the other.

Once you’ve selected the character you wish to play as, the screen instantly swooshes out into an overhead view of Los Santos, before zooming back in on the chosen character, wherever they might happen to be at that instant. (The protagonists live out their lives independently when they’re not being controlled by the player – meaning you can find yourself dropping in on some very surprising situations.)


Do you stay back and watch the action unfold through the sights of a sniper rifle, or would you feel more at home getting stuck in on the frontline? During the getaway, would you rather drive, or man the guns? GTA V’s innovative structure allows you to play to your strengths and it means you’ll never find yourself stuck doing something you’d rather not do.

Outside of the mainline missions, GTA V revisits the dynamic side-mission structure that proved so successful in Red Dead Redemption. Los Santos and its surroundings are jam-packed full of muggers, shady hitchhikers and murder-mysteries – but whether you choose to investigate the suspicious sights and sounds you come across on your travels is completely up to you.


GTA V is big. Very big, in fact. It is estimated that its game world will be five times larger than those of San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption /combined/. This estimate factors in an enormous fully-detailed ocean floor (which you can explore while scuba diving) and the fact that each and every building now has an explorable interior. Due to the larger scale of the map, planes will make their return after taking a leave of absence during the GTA IV story arc.

San Andreas was a tale of three cities; Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Although GTA V boasts a larger overall game world, it kicks the latter two cities to the curb in favour of offering a proper, faithful rendition of Los Angeles and its surrounding landscape.

It’s a setting that provides plenty of scope for variety. The environments span the gauntlet from tacky commercial beachfronts to locked-down military bases; from desert lowlands to a fully scaleable Mount Chillad.


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