All This CEX To DEX Stuff … PS3Tools GUI Does It Now

July 14, 2012

When PS3Tools GUI or PSDev makes the title and/or teaser of any article nowadays, you know that he’s back with a new update to his application for Windows machines. PS3 developers, newbies and hardcore alike, come check out what PSDev has been putting together for us.

With the recent influx of the CEX to DEX stuff, PSDev has coded it into his GUI, all while making changes to that. The application no longer includes the secondary GUI while the other has been redesigned. As usual, the bugs that come along with each release have been squashed. Take a look at the changelog below:

  • Added CEX 2 DEX
  • New Interface
  • Fixed PKG decryptor button
  • Fixed EDAT Tool button
  • removed second GUI form
  • Minor bug fixes and code changes to perform better

You can grab the latest version of the PS3Tools GUI below

Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.6

Source: PSX-Scene

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