Alternate menus for CEF and VHBL (and release: multiBoot menu for CEF)

December 13, 2012

Tired of the having the same menu in VHBL or CEF?
Here is a list of alternate menus that you should try, all with their own set of features, look and behaviour.


vMenu (which stands for Visual Menu) was created by neur0n some time ago and has been updated to work with CEF, apart from now having lots of new features. This menu is nice for those of you who miss the XMB and want to have an XMB-like experience on the vita.
The latest version of this menu is R3.

(Thanks to for the screenshots)

Download (the page has links for CEF and VHBL):


yMenu (which I believe stands for Yosh Menu) is an XMB-like menu but features horizontal scrolling instead of the normal vertical scrolling. This menu, created by yosh/wth is perfect for those who want a new experience but don’t want to lose the XMB feel.
The latest version is 1.0.4

Download (CEF):
Download (VHBL):


pyMenu (stands for Python Menu) is for those who like to have a simpler menu but still have lots features and functionality. The menu was created by some dude name Acid_Snake or something like that ;)
The latest version is 0.3.1

Download (the page has links for both CEF and VHBL):

multiBootMenu, one to rule them all…

Last but not least, how would you like to have all four menus at the same time?
multiBootMenu does just that, it installs all four menus and allows you to choose any
of them at boot, you can also easily change between one menu to another without quitting the game. This menu was also developed by that Acid_Snake dude.

Download and instructions:

Discussion thread:

With this said, give these awesome menus a try and stick with the one that more fits your needs (or use multiBootMenu and have all four of them).

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