Amazon PSN Store for Digital games & DLC

November 12, 2013

Amazon PlayStation Network Store

Amazon PlayStation Network Store

Amazon, the well known online retailer now also sells digital products from the PSN Store. In other words the Amazon PlayStation Network Store is here and adds some nice discounts and customer loyalty programs to the mix.

Wololo already brought you up to speed on the Buy Two Get One Free offer Amazon has in place for a selection of PlayStation 4 games. Just a friendly reminder; this offer is temporary, If you want to benefit from it make sure you make use of it while it still stands.

Back on topic; as said, Amazon will now also sell digital games and DLC for PSN games. Besides the Buy Two get One Free offer, Amazon also thought up a customers’ reward program. One that might entice PlayStation gamers to make the Amazon PSN Store (I like the acronym APSS) their go-to digital marketplace.

Rewards program

For a limited time Amazon offers $5 PSN credit to consumers when they purchase from selection of digital PlayStation games.This credit can be used for a future purchase excluding Amazon Gift cards as well as PlayStation Network Gift Cards. On top of that Amazon’s digital store also offers regular discounts on PlayStation software for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems.

With the “all-digital” era vastly approaching, Amazon seems to position themselves in a role were they can become the digital wholesale store for PlayStation games.

Taking into account that most likely other parties will also try to offer similar deals, not to forget Sony’s own rewards program which they recently launched in US and Canada and it is clear that Amazon has their work cut out for them.

What do you think? Does this move from Amazon have your interest? Is it enough to get you to switch stores? Will this improve the price-point of digital PSN games for consumers.

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