Amazon’s Video game deals for Black Friday week

November 19, 2012

Black Friday’s coming, and many retailers use this as an opportunity to make some cool discounts on many products. Video games are no exception, and Amazon published a list of deals that will happen between Monday and Friday in their Video game section. You can go here for the full page (which includes discounts for games on the PC, Wii, PS Vita, PS3, NDS/3DS, and Xbox 360), but given the general audience of this blog, I decided to emphasize on the PS3 and Vita game discounts for this year.


Tuesday Nov 20: Mortal Kombat for $14.99 (wow, raise your hand if you paid $40 for this game less than 6 months ago…)

Wednesday Nov 21: Lumines Electronic Symphony for $14.99


Monday Nov 19: NBA 2K12 for $15.99, Lego Batman for $10.00, Silent Hill: Downpour for $19.99, King of Fighters 13 for $19.99

Tuesday Nov 20: Madden NFL 13 for $25.00, The Sly collection for $10.00, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for $10.00, NCAA Football 13 for $25.00

Wednesday Nov 21: Prototype 2 BlackWatch Collector’s edition for $29.99

Thursday Nov 22: MLB 12 The Show for $15.00, Ghost Recon: Future soldier for $25, Skyrim for $25, DarkSiders II for $29.99, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for $10.00, Dishonored for $25.00, Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for $10, The Sly Collection for $10, The amazing Spider Man for $25, Call of Duty: Black Ops LTO for $15, PS3 250GB Bundle for $199.99, Fifa 13 for $25.00, Grand Turismo 5 XL for $10, Madden NFL 13 for $25, NCAA Football 13 for $25, Lego Batman 2 for $25, Batman Arkham Asylum for $10, Lego Batman for $10, Ratchet & Clank collection for $10, Medal Of Honor Warfighter limited edition for $25, Mass Effect 2 for $7.99

Friday Nov 23: SSX for $15.99, Spec Ops: The Line for $15.00, Twisted Metal for $25, Borderlands for $15, Cabelas Survival for $10, Call of Duty modern warfare 2 for $10,  WWE 13 for $25, Grand Theft Auto IV + Liberty City for $15, Max Payne 3 for $15.

Well, so, first this tells me that some of us will spend their Thanksgiving playing AAA titles for a nice price. This also tells me the Vita is absolutely not a priority for Retailers, and that kind of gives me little hope for the future of the console.

So, which one of these discounts are you looking forward to? Dishonored and Skyrim both discounted at $25 looks like a nice deal to me. Also, the PS3 250GB Bundle is one of a new PS3 super slim models, with Uncharted 1 and 1, as well as Infamous 1 and 2. If I didn’t own a PS3 already, that would probably be the one I’d go with today.

Any other good offers you’ve found for Black Friday, in video games or electronics? Share your tips :)

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