Andreas Oman Does it Again: Showtime Mediacenter 4.2 Released

February 6, 2013

The lonely coder, Andreas Oman has done it again with another major release of Showtime Mediacenter for the PS3. Version 4.2 plays host to new features and several bugfixes. There are 19 and 33 respectively, if you want to be specific about it. You can expect to see 4.2 with support for virtual keyboards, subtitle plugins and The Online TV Database integration. Not yet convinced of all of the awesome stuff that Showtime 4.2 is packing? Take a look at the new feature listing below:

  • Feature #2: Keyboard emulator (Virtual Keyboard)
  • Feature #560: Volume Feature
  • Feature #572: External True Type Fonts for Subtitles
  • Feature #751: Needed for PS3: Way to Adjust Audio Volume (Increase or Decrease Sound Level)
  • Feature #786: mkv chapters
  • Feature #819: Rename playlist entry (and MKV metadata title)
  • Feature #1022: Screensaver feature bug
  • Feature #1042: Shutdown PS3 directly from Showtime.
  • Feature #1115: Screensaver able to activate during playback pause
  • Feature #1121: Add to metadata sources for TV series
  • Feature #1123: Volume control – +
  • Feature #1184: Shutdown button
  • Feature #1207: Subtitles plugins
  • Feature #1213: Override movie name
  • Feature #1218: Flush showtime’s metadata database
  • Feature #1241: Volume control option for PS3
  • Feature #1297: Add reverse sorting order
  • Feature #1334: Stretch video option in on-screen menu
  • Feature #1366: Autobuild for PS3 CFW 4.21 (ROGERO)

The bugfixes contribute to an even longer list that won’t be listed. You can still however, check it out on the downloads page of Showtime. Everything that you need can be found below, including packages compatible with the latest multiMAN update.


Download: Showtime Mediacenter 4.2 | Showtime 4.2 for multiMAN [CEX|DEX]

Source: Official Showtime Homepage

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