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October 19, 2013

Hello everyone! Changing a bit from PSVita and PS4 to one of the most used operating system for smartphones: Android. Many of you probably have got one of these with Android. Basically, because the alternative is the iPhone and it’s not what we can describe as “cheap”. (I don’t name Windows Phone ’cause it’s not very popular, at least here in Europe). So, going back to the title, I’m going to show you the different ways of having an Android emulator for PC. Yes, you read right, you can have Android 4.0 working perfectly on your computer screen. Ready? Let’s go!

Personally, I know two “easy” different ways to emulate Google’s mobile operating system. These are YouWave and BlueStacks.

YouWave is program which emulates perfectly the whole system, the initial screen, preferences, browser, contacts… everything. This is the most complete one of both of them. You can even choose which version you want to emulate. I think, if I remember well, that you could choose 4.0 or 2.3 (ICS and Gingerbread :) ).

The main problem is that it’s not free so you have to pay 15$ for Gingerbread and 20$ for ICS. If you want my opinion, buy it, I bought it and it’s very cool. Runs smoothly, perfect help center… basically a fully working version of Android. If you want to buy it, you can get it from here. Good thing is, for those of you who are doubting, that they give you a free 10-day trial so you can use the full version all you want. Accepts PayPal and Google Wallet.

Now, another Android emulator for PC, BlueStacks. This one is not actually a working version of Android like the other one, because what it actually does is execute the .apk file you give it, so you can play all the apps and games on your PC first and then download them on your smartphone or whatever you want to do ;)

Oh, by the way, it’s totally free to download so it’s a good alternative and you should give it a shot. You can download it here.

And this is it, I know you can also do the same with the Android SDK but it’s a bit more complicated and I thought these were the easiest emulators. Hope you liked the article and if you want to comment your opinion on any of the programs or you know another emulator, let me know in the comments!

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